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What are the differences between 4-wheel mobility scooters and 3-wheel mobility scooters?

What are the main differences between 3-wheel electric scooters and 4-wheel electric scooters?

People with restricted mobility can travel further and faster with electric mobility scooters. Either 4 wheel or 3 wheel mobility scooter are the two primary types available for purchase. The majority of scooters have a swivel chair and a 20-mile range, but these features may vary from model to model.

Despite some similarities 3 and 4 wheel mobility scooters have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading to find out which choice is better for you!

What are the main features to consider before buying? 


  • 3-wheel mobility scooters are best for indoor use


In general, 3-wheel mobility scooters are preferable for indoor use while 4-wheel mobility scooters are better for outdoor use.

Because of their modest, compact form, 3-wheel mobility scooters are typically ideal for indoor use. 3-wheel scooters frequently feature smaller wheels that provide less resistance so turning is easy. 4-wheel scooters, on the other hand, typically feature larger wheels that allow them to travel over tougher terrain.

Some 3-wheel scooters have bigger wheels and a higher clearance for people who want to ride outdoors. If you want something like that you have HAVE to check out the very sporty looking EW-18 or EW-19.  

  • 3-wheel mobility scooters can make sharper turns

3-wheel mobility scooters often feature a lighter steering system. As a result, these scooters are far more maneuverable. Compared to a 4-wheel mobility scooter, the turning radius might be up to ten inches less.

That noted, you should consider where you would most likely utilize the scooter. A 3-wheel scooter is better in a restricted location since it is easy to turn. 


  • 4-wheel mobility scooters are more stable

Having 4 wheels will definitely increase the balance of any mobility scooter. They are more stable and very suitable for all ages. While 3-wheel scooters can give a more modern look and better maneuverability, safety will always be the number one priority.

There’s literally no need to balance a 4-wheel scooter. Just hop on and start scootin’!

  • 3-wheel mobility scooters have more legroom

3-wheel scooters only have 1 wheel in front… that means more legroom. But, there are 4-wheel scooters that are specially designed with more legroom for taller individuals. But in general, the 3-wheel scooters win the advantage in this area.

  • 4-wheel mobility scooters can carry more weight

It is not only the weight of the person who’s riding that needs to be considered. There will be other things that can be carried along with the mobility scooter. This is why beautiful baskets are created and some models have a compartment under the seat. In this section, the 4-wheel scooters have the advantage since most of them have a bigger weight capacity. 

In the end, there's no clear winner between 4-wheel and 3-wheel mobility scooters. It really comes down to the way you expect to use your scooter.  For a more detailed breakdown of the big differences between mobility scooters, go check out our Ultimate Buyer's Guide!


There are plenty of other factors to consider before making a purchase - one of which is that you should only purchase from an authorized dealer, so whatever happens to your mobility scooter you are at ease knowing that you will get the right support.

Some questions you should ask yourself about your new scooter are:

  • Is it foldable?
  • Is it compact?
  • What is the total weight of the scooter?
  • Does it have a swiveling seat?
  • Does it have comfortable cushions?
  • Does it have a reclining backrest?
  • Does it have folding armrests?
  • What size are the wheels?
  • What is the battery capacity or driving range?


Try to prioritize which of these features is the most important to you.  This will make your search a lot easier.

We’ll be glad to help you in making a decision. Just send us an email, chat, or call us at (800) 778-1431 we are available Monday - Friday, 7 AM - 11 AM | 4 PM - 8 PM Pacific Standard Time.

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