May 06, 2020 3 min read

Best Mobility Scooters Buyer's Guide

Our founder, Suzanne, was an excited explorer.  She broke her hip on her 54th birthday and spent over 1 year unable to walk.  That's when she was introduced to mobility scooters and compiled this list of mobility tips for other travelers who just won't quit moving!

If you’re unable to accomplish mobile tasks like walking to the grocery store, meeting friends, or taking the dog for a walk due to physical difficulties, a mobility scooter might be just the thing you need to regain your independence. 


    How To Choose The BEST Mobility Scooter

    Mobility scooters are simple to operate, cheap to run, and need minimal maintenance. They can truly be a life-changer for a differently-abled user.

    You should keep several things in mind when looking for a scooter. Ask yourself the following questions to determine which kind of scooter is best for you.


    Where Will You Use Your Mobility Scooter?

    If you’re just doing some local shopping or are using the scooter mainly indoors, then you’ll need a scooter with a relatively low speed that is simple to move around. You might also be interested in a folding mobility scooter that can be folded up for storage purposes. Small mobility scooters are easy to maneuver, lightweight, and ideal for short trips. They can be folded and placed in the trunk of a car very easily. Mini mobility scooters go as fast as 4mph and come in both 3 and 4-wheel models.


    If the scooter will be used mainly outside, you’ll require a scooter that can run on unleveled surfaces. Speed and stability are key factors, so think about a 3-wheel model, as they are easier to maneuver, particularly when traveling from shop-to-shop at a mall or movie theatre. Additionally, they offer a bit more legroom, which can be advantageous if you are a tall person or suffer from leg stiffness. A 4-wheel model is more stable and durable than a 3-wheel model and is able to deal with rougher terrains. This version would be best if great balance is a factor on your checklist.


    There are a few types of speed the outdoor scooters come in: the 4mph model, which is best for driving on pavements exclusively (class 2); as well as the 6mph and 8mph models (class 3), which can ride on surfaces at 4mph and on roads at 6 to 8mph (assuming they are equipped with indicators, headlights, breaks, rearview mirrors, rear reflectors, and a horn).


    Class 3 scooters are usually bigger and have larger turning circles, which makes them more difficult to move around within enclosed areas. That said, between charges, they can travel further and better on rugged ground.


    How Far Do You Need Your Scooter To Take You?

    You’ll need more power and battery life if you want to travel longer distances. When selecting the ideal scooter for your needs, be mindful that scooters range from 9 to 36 miles between charges.


    Off-Road Or Rural?

    If you live in a rural area or intend to get around the countryside on your scooter, you’ll need one that can endure the terrain. There are numerous scooters to choose from that are developed for off-road driving and can handle just about any type of condition.


    Where Will Your Mobility Scooter Be Charged And Stored?

    Prior to selecting a model, make sure you have thought about how will get your scooter in and out of your home:

    • Is your scooter able to go through your front door?
    • Can it fit through the gate?
    • Will a ramp need to be installed?
    • For storage purposes, will the scooter need to be dismantled or folded?
    • Does your external storage area have access to power, or do you need to take out the batteries and charge them inside?
    • Is it safe to store your scooter outside?

    How Much Weight Will Your Scooter Be Carrying Around?

    There is a maximum weight rating for users on all mobility scooters. If you fall into a specific weight category then your mobility scooter shouldn’t have any trouble bringing you from one place to another, with or without carry-ons (such as groceries and golf clubs).


    How Much Does A Mobility Scooter Cost?

    Mobility scooters can vary widely in price.  The least expensive options will set you back between $600 - $1,000.  The most expensive options can cost $5k or more depending on the scooter’s model, make, and functions. If you are making a choice based on budget restrictions, browse scooters within your spending range, and select the one that provides all the amenities you require.




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