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What Questions Should I Ask To Find The Best Mobility Scooter?

Are you planning to purchase a mobility scooter but don't know where to start or what to look for? We have to admit there are so many mobility scooters on the market these days and it can be difficult to know where to start or what to look for when you're looking for the perfect fit. In this article, we've covered all you need to know.

Mobility scooters are ideal for people who can use both hands to work the controls. We'll go through the different types of units and the leading brands in the mobility scooter industry as you read on. Let's get started!

To go straight to shopping just select which mobility scooter type you want to explore from this list:

3-Wheel Mobility Scooters

4-Wheel Mobility Scooters

Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

Folding Mobility Scooters

Travel Mobility Scooters


This might seem like a silly question, but mobility scooters are expensive and you want to make sure this is a purchase you won't regret. Think about the scenarios where you expect you will use your scooter - if you have trouble driving a car, a mobility scooter may be a good option because it can take the place of a car over short distances.  If driving is a safety concern, then a mobility scooter may be a safer alternative - you can drive at modest speeds making it less dangerous than driving a car.

A mobility scooter can also be used in connection with other forms of transportation. Several varieties may be transported and utilized elsewhere, such as in a shopping center, by being kept in the trunk of a car.  A lot of our mobility scooters can even be taken on an airplane!

Are you been recovering from surgery or an accident? A mobility scooter may be excellent for you because it will give temporary support while allowing you to keep your mobility.




When choosing your mobility scooter, it is important to understand the major differences between a three-wheel mobility scooter and a four-wheel mobility  scooter.

Three-wheel scooters have a significantly easier time turning around tight corners and narrow hallways.  That makes them much more maneuverable. Four-wheel scooters provide better stability and reduce the risk of accidents. In general, a four-wheel model is a more stable option.

Most three-wheel scooters are designed to look and feel more "sporty" - since they are easy to maneuver, they can also handle a little bit more speed, but it is not advisable to ride a mobility scooter at its top speed - the thrill is great, but the risks are high. 

There’s a reason why four-wheel scooters are the best-sellers. The balance, safety, and comfort that they provide checks all the critical boxes for impaired riders.



There are so many varieties of mobility scooters on the market nowadays that you should have no trouble finding the one that best fits your needs. Before you decide which kind is best for you, the most important question you should ask yourself is:

How Am I Going To Use My Scooter?

  • Perhaps you only need a tiny scooter to move around your home or a nursing facility?

  • Or maybe you need an outdoor scooter so you can travel to the mall or to a neighbors house?

  • Or rather you require something more durable that acts more like a golf cart for travel to locations greater than 5 miles away?

  • Don't forget to factor in your geographic location. What kind of terrain do you have in your neighborhood? While a smaller scooter can negotiate level paths, you'll need one with additional power if you're in a place with an uneven surface.

  • Another item to consider is your height and weight. The seat and foot space of a smaller scooter can be uncomfortable for a heavier set person. If you have a larger body structure, you will certainly require a larger scooter to feel more confident while riding.

Once you've answered these questions, it is easier to narrow down your options and determining the best type of mobility scooter for you. Then it's just a matter of deciding whatever features you want, so you can choose the best one for you.

We'll go through each type and break down some of the most important perks and features for each.




Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

Full-size mobility scooters are a terrific choice if you need something a little more powerful.

Many of these are similar to transportable mobility scooters in that they may be dismantled and transported in smaller sections. They do, however, weigh more, but this helps them take up less space and is easier to move.  For some heavy duty scooters, you might need to purchase a lift carrier to connect to your vehicle's hitch port.

These scooters can carry more weight, have a longer battery life, and have a faster top speed.

They often feature additional bells and whistles, which makes them more enticing, but at a larger price.




Travel Mobility Scooters

A travel mobility scooter is another wonderful alternative for someone who is active. This type of scooter is also designed for those who want to travel with their scooter. They are also compact, but instead of breaking down into pieces, many of them simply fold into one piece. This is more handy as it just takes a few seconds to fold the scooter into a small package for storage or transport. The majority of these have also been accepted by airlines.

Foldable scooters can be as light as 34 pounds and as heavy as 60 pounds, and almost all of them do not require installation; all you have to do is charge your unit and you're ready to go!




Bariatric Mobility Scooters

Maybe you're seeking for the most powerful power scooters available. Bariatric mobility scooters are perfect for the job as they are designed to carry heavy passengers or even multiple passengers at once time. Some of them have the largest single-person weight capability available today, up to 600 pounds.

Because they can attain speeds of up to 15 mph and have battery ranges of up to 40 miles per charge, some of these are even categorized as leisure scooters. They seem like small vehicles, but they're actually electric scooters.





You might have noticed that a lot of mobility scooters have LONG backorders.  Supply chain issues have made it really difficult for scooter manufacturers to keep up with high demand.  Since we know our customers don't like to wait, we made this list of IN STOCK SCOOTERS that we've confirmed will ship fast with no wait!


Now that you know what to look for and how to utilize it when shopping, make sure you're shopping with a reputable online retailer. Check to see if your supplier works directly with the manufacturer. This way, you know you'll get a warranty, and if you ever need technical assistance, your source can either communicate with the manufacturer on your behalf or you may speak with them directly.

*Hey! We are an authorized dealer for every awesome brand on our website!



To gain a feel for the controls, test out your scooter on a flat location with no traffic or obstacles nearby. Turn it on and get familiar with the controls, such as stopping, turning, and ascending and descending on inclines.

Check to see if you can operate all of the controls. Check that you can adjust your seat and that you can get on and off without assistance.

Once you've gotten that out of the way, figure out where you'll keep it if it's not in use. If it's a little scooter, you might be able to store it inside; but, if it's a larger scooter, a garage or carport may be more practical. Make sure you park near a power outlet so you can charge your scooter without difficulty.

You should have your mobility scooter serviced once a year to maintain it running at its best.

Alternatively, you can contact the manufacturer's tech support for advice on how to keep it in good working order. That's why the American Mobility Specialists are here, right?



You must first check to see if your battery is completely charged before going on a vacation.

Also, double-check that everything is secure. You must never use your mobility device if you are fatigued, unwell, or disabled, just as you would with a regular car.

When you're outside, you want to be visible to other automobiles and pedestrians. Use the lights on your mobility scooter if it has them. You'll want to affix an orange safety flag to your unit to help with visibility.

Make sure your scooter isn't overloaded with bags and extras when riding. Anything you're carrying shouldn't get in the way of your vision or your ability to operate your controls.

Make sure you plan your route ahead of time and that you know exactly where you're heading.

Avoid congested roads and too-narrow sidewalks. Pedestrian crossings or traffic signals are also good places to cross the street.



Do you feel ready to purchase for your companion now that you've read our shopping guide?

Hopefully, this guide will assist you in making the best decision! If you have any other questions, please CONTACT US and we will gladly provide any additional information to assist you in your online search for the best mobility scooter to meet your needs.

Our friendly and experienced specialists may be reached at (800) 778-1431. Monday through Friday from 1 PM to 9 PM PST. Call us today to find the best mobility scooter for your needs!

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